We offer Puresio to small, medium and large businesses. We are flexible and will find a suitable solution for both.

We value each of our customers with the utmost importance.


Puresio comes from the word pure, and si is yes in Italian. Say yes to purity.
We want to bring Puresio to people's everyday use, so that Puresio is as important to you as locking your home when you leave.


We follow all safety requirements and regulations during the production. After we complete each batch produced we have a quality control and we confirm that the product meets all standards. Production does not cause environmental damage.

Puresio was born out of our own practical need.

We wanted a quality product that fulfills two purposes - cleans hands and protects and moisturizes the skin, even in continuous use.

Our recipe is a great equilibrium of skin cleansing alcohol and skin protection components, the most important of which is Aloe Vera.

For the package, we chose a comfortable small 50ml bottle that is perfect for a car, handbag, travel bag, training bag and even a pocket.

We are here to stay.
Puresio - feeling safe.

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